We will keep in touch!

Even after our first PARTNER funding period we hold close relationship with the PARTNER fellows. We will support our alumni, fellows and applicants to learn from each other and to foster and strength the PARTNER Psoriatic Arthritis Network Fellowship Program.

  Plunge into the lab world! – An experience report         

Dr. Maria Solokova reports of her research period at the Department of Internal Medicine 3 – Rheumatology and Immunology at the University Hospital Erlangen. Read more…

  Step out of your comfort zone –  – An experience report         

Dr. Alla Ishchenko reports of her residence in the rheumatology department of Gasthuisberg University Hospital of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Read more…

  Arthritis research in Glasgow – An experience report         

Dr. Giacomo Cafaro reports his impressions and experiences of the last 10 months in Glasgow. In his reports he gives useful tips for future fellows. Read more…

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Erlangen – An extremely motivating environment         

Dr. Gabriella Maria Raimondo decribes her impressions from Erlangen, the smallest city in Germany, in the heart of the european metropolregion Nürnberg. Read more