Plunge into the lab world!

This year I finished my residency and by that time realized that I would like to be a bit more than a doctor, I also want to investigate in the field of medical science. It was always very interesting for me why rheumatic diseases develop, how our immune system functions and how the care and management of this diseases can be improved. That’s why I am very happy and lucky to participate in the PARTNER Psoriatic Arthritis Network Fellowship Program and specifically at the University Hospital Erlangen. I was able to deepen into the lab world. Although my project is in the field of clinical research, I am also taking part in other scientific projects in the lab and learn a lot of new methods and techniques. I also visit seminars and meetings in the clinic when I have time. All the people I met in the lab, in the clinic and in the University were very friendly and helpful so that I could feel myself like home very quickly! I am happy to be able to learn so many new things and hope that this could be a boost of my scientific career.

Dr. Maria Sokolova