We are delighted to present the PARTNER fellows 2017

Dr Maria G. Raimondo will uncover Psoriasis arthritis pathogenensis
Psoriasis arthritis (PsA) is a chronic, painful and disfiguring disease which is still not curable. The treatment is usually lifelong and aim at disease remission, which in turn is not always achievable. The PARTNER Psoriasis Network fellowship program a unique opportunity to seek an answer of PsA pathogenesis. In July Dr Maria Gabriella Raimondo will start her project on innate lymphocytes cells (ILCs) in PsA in order to investigate the role of ILCs in the disease pathogenesis. As second fellow of the PARTNER program she will start her project with Prof. Georg Schett at the Department of Internal Medicine 3 at the University Hospital Erlangen (Germany). Since her graduation in 2011, Dr. Raimondo has always been motivated in pursuing basic and translational research projects in the rheumatology field, which she carry out in Italy and United Kingdom.