Erlangen – an extremely motivating environment

In the last few decades, rheumatology has undergone a significant expansion in terms of basic and clinical research opportunities, due to the increasing knowledge on the mechanisms involved in autoimmune diseases and the identification of new therapeutic targets along with the almost immediate development of striking treatments. In this contest, the PARTNER fellowships represents a fantastic opportunity for young rheumatologists who want to explore cutting-edge translational research.

The Department of Medicine 3, headed by Prof. Georg Schett in Erlangen, represents a centre of excellence in rheumatology in Europe. Here, different teams pursue high impact research, creating an exciting environment for studying, learning and working.

My experience in Andreas Ramming´s group and in Jörg Distler´s group as a PARTNER fellow has allowed me to grow professionally as a researcher and as a rheumatologist in an extremely motivating environment. 

I would definitely recommend the PARTNER fellowship in Erlangen as a chance to become exposed to projects that are driving innovation in rheumatology and whose outcomes have a strong and direct impact on the development of novel clinical treatments.